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Welcome to the My Domain project at IUP. Participating students must first apply via

You may choose to revisit the introduction from earlier this fall.

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Fall 2019/Spring 2020 - Wednesday Workshops

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  • Workshop 01 - HTML
  • Workshop 02 - CSS Intro
  • Workshop 03 - Advanced CSS
  • Workshop 04 - Blogging
  • Workshop 05 - Web apps
  • Workshop 06 - Podcasting
  • Workshop 07 - By Request
  • Workshop 08 - By Request

Orientation Workshop

Spring 2019 Workshops

New Students

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Creating My Domain via Reclaim hosting. You will only do this once!

Websites created by students in the 2019 workshop will be shared here.


This pilot with Cook Honors College students is sponsored by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Cook Honors College, and a School of Graduate Studies grant to the Center for Digital Humanities and Culture.

My Domain at IUP is supported by Prof. Kenneth Sherwood